Winner of the GADEC Mystery Game Jam

A late millennial is elated that he is selected to work for a prestigious genetics corporation, especially during a time of harsh recession. Unaware of the price one usually paid for paid work in 2990, our protagonist wanders into work…

Delve into 90s nostalgia with a point and click game! Inspired by family favourites like Money Island and King’s Quest, the game follows an unassuming hero through a rapidly escalating career move. The gaming experience is enhanced with a “back-in-the-day” pixelation style, minimalist music written from scratch, and a gripping narrative paying homage to dystopian writers. 

Gaming enthusiast Vincent Lo - with the help of story-writer James Kim - single-handedly coded this game, composed the music, and designed the sprites and environments; an impressive feat!

By the way ...

I'm also working on a puzzle game which is actively in development.
Be sure to check out Nymble too!



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Nice short game and the mystery.


Thanks! The theme of the game jam, if I remember, was mystery or "that escalated quickly".


I enjoyed it. Is there more than one ending?

Thanks for playing jdogz! No there’s only one ending, but if I had more time for the game jam, it would have been cool to offer multiple endings.


Like it!