Winner of the GADEC Mystery Game Jam

A late millennial is elated that he is selected to work for a prestigious genetics corporation, especially during a time of harsh recession. Unaware of the price one usually paid for paid work in 2990, our protagonist wanders into work…

........... CONTROLS ...........
Use the left mouse button to
walk around and interact with
(Click game area to start)

Delve into 90s nostalgia with a point and click game! Inspired by family favourites like Money Island and King’s Quest, the game follows an unassuming hero through a rapidly escalating career move. The gaming experience is enhanced with a “back-in-the-day” pixelation style, minimalist music written from scratch, and a gripping narrative paying homage to dystopian writers. 

Gaming enthusiast Vincent Lo - with the help of story-writer James Kim - single-handedly coded this game, composed the music, and designed the sprites and environments; an impressive feat!


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Nice short game and the mystery.


Thanks! The theme of the game jam, if I remember, was mystery or "that escalated quickly".


I enjoyed it. Is there more than one ending?

Thanks for playing jdogz! No there’s only one ending, but if I had more time for the game jam, it would have been cool to offer multiple endings.


Like it!