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Nymble is a turn-based puzzle game. You play as Jack, who jumps over things to interact with them. Search for the seedling, plant it in the soil, and advance to the next level!

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This game is all about jumping, so try to jump over everything you can see.

Jump over the treasure chest to collect the seedling. Jump over the soil patch to plant it!

You can jump over an enemy to kill it by moving in their direction.

But if you are separated by a space, if you move towards them, they will attack you!

Aside from lag issues in levels 20 and 40, this game is mobile-friendly. You can play it on your phone by accessing this page's URL through your phone’s browser. Swipe in four directions anywhere on the screen to control Jack or to scroll through the map.

Listen to the soundtrack
Diggin’ the music? Listen to the full soundtrack on Soundcloud.

New in (Oct. 21, 2020):

  • Explore a new winter world with 20 new levels and a very-difficult third boss fight.
  • Slight optimization of ai algorithm.
  • New sound tracks.
  • New enemies: flame, flower chomp, snowman.
  • New mechanics: steel crates, buttons with resistance, ice blocks, magic fog.
  • Improved sprites: save point, "prettier" shooting stars (on map for levels 21 - 40)

New in (Aug. 12, 2019):

  • Levels 1 to 20 unlocked!

New in (Aug. 4, 2019):

  • Explore a new world with 20 new levels and a second boss fight.
  • Difficulty of older levels has been adjusted to grow more gradually.
  • Progress is now saved using browser local storage.
  • New soundtracks in the map (when you scroll high enough) and in the caverns levels.
  • New enemies: chomp, bat, bomb.
  • New mechanics: buttons and gates, explodable walls.
  • Previous boss has been replaced by new one that involves a more intuitive strategy.

Bugs & Issues

  • Overlapping background music. I have a solution for this bug planned out. Temporary workaround is to refresh the page; you'd keep your level scores from browser temporary storage.
  • Lagging in larger levels (requires mobile optimization).
  • Unable to open social media links in some browsers.

Old Release notes

Feedback  and suggestions appreciated! Let me know if you find any bugs.


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This is pretty awesome, really enjoying how I think i've figured out a level and then BAM it's not quite right. Had a lot of trouble at the beginning of the game not realizing i could jump enemies.

Do you have a business email I can reach you at?


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Thanks for trying out the game! Glad to hear your feedback on the jumping mechanic--it's helpful.

For business inquiries, please find my contact info at my website http://www.audiomuse.ca/contact.php.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NymbleGame/ | Twitter: https://twitter.com/NymbleGame


Congratulations, very well done...I'm having so much fun playing this, I haven't finished all the levels, but I will...!!!

Thanks for your feedback, Game Assets By Me! What are some things that make this game fun for you?


Great demo! I'd like to point out a couple of things you coud improve on, if that's okay.

When I click on the map after I beat a level, the screen goes black and I can't play any more, so I have to refresh the page in order to keep playing.

And the framerate goes down hard in the last level, due to the amount of enemies and the size of the level itself, I think.

I did enjoy the demo, and I can't wait for the full release, keep it up!

First of all, congrats on getting to the last level. :) and thanks so much for the bugs—it’s really helpful!

The map button crash issue is something I’m looking into. Been having trouble reproducing it reliably, so it’s just a matter of identifying the cause.

Yup, I noticed too it lags in the last level. Will try to look for ways to maybe unload objects that are off screen, or reduce the number of necessary objects (without affecting the level design) in general.

Thanks again for the feedback!

This is a really nicely made game! I love the creativity used around the mechanic of the puzzles :D You captured the fun atmosphere so well :)

Thank you Here'sAndyTV! :) Glad you enjoyed the mechanics and atmosphere.

Not a problem! :) I just finished reading your case study on the game as well :D May I ask what it was that caused you to use game development as a vehicle for your music? :)

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Wow, thanks for reading the case study. I hope it helps inspire other solo creators out there too.

Yes, the reason why I chose game development as a vehicle is because video games are a time-based art form that engages the audience. Music is also time-based, so it felt like a suitable vehicle. Compared to film, games are more interactive and allows for multiple outcomes, encouraging repeated plays and increasing exposure time. Seeing that I am trying to reach out to game studios, I also felt distributing my music through video games would be more relatable and impactful.

You know what? That is an insightful utilisation of that fact :D A much better way to gain exposure to the art form and also your particular skills with it :D What did you study to get such a good grasp on musical design? I am very amateur at best with it :P

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Yeah, after attending a game developers conference in hopes of networking as a composer, I realize how difficult it is to gain visibility in a non-visual art form. So I decided to take matters into my own hand and produce my own game so that my music can be consumed in a more engaging way (than say, SoundCloud).

Thanks for the kind words. I actually happen to be a classically trained pianist, so my deep understanding of music theory helps me analyze why music sounds good to me. In turn, this helps me identify patterns and methods that other composers have used, so that I may adopt techniques that work well into my own musical language.

I am curious to know what is your involvement with video games, and how you came across my game?

Fun and well made, I like it!

Thanks! It has been quite the learning process for me. Glad you had fun.

Fun game!

Thanks, glad you had fun!

Interesting game! I had a lot of fun with this.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game. :)


Nice design - challenging puzzles!

Thanks, glad you found the puzzles challenging!

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Had fun playing this game :D

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What was used to make the art and the game itself?

Thanks for trying the game!

For the pixel art, I used GIMP (a free alternative to Photoshop). The game is coded in GML (Game Maker Langauge), and put together in the Game Maker Studio 2 IDE.