NOTE: Play in a browser other than desktop Safari to enjoy the music and sound effects.

Nymble is a turn-based puzzle game. You play as Jack, who jumps over things to interact with them. Search for the seedling, plant it in the soil, and advance to the next level.

........... CONTROLS ...........
Movement        WASD or arrows
Retry           R             
OK              space         
Cancel          esc           
(Click game area to start)
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Jumping over sprouts will make them bloom into flowers. It isn't necessary for completing the level, but will earn you a higher score.

Carefully plan your moves, as Jack cannot jump over open chests and flowers. The slimes will attack you if you end up next to them!

Check out the case study I wrote on this project.

(The game is intended for mobile, but in its early stages, testing will be available through the browser only.)

Confirmed to-dos:

  • Refine pathfinding algorithm so that all sprites have to move every turn. Currently a sprite will stay in position if its original intended destination space was already reserved by another sprite.
  • ✔ *NEW* Basic mobile support for 4-direction swiping.
  • ✔ Enemies that turn into soil when killed.
  • ✔ Enemies that turn into flowers when killed.

Ideas brewing:

  • Enemies that attack by jumping over you.
  • Enemies that move every other turn.
  • Enemies that drop loot (e.g. the seedling).
  • Enemies that explode and destroy land when killed.
  • Flying enemies that can move over any tile.
  • "Rare" flowers that show up randomly, that earn you more points.
  • "One-way" gates
  • Switches that activate when jumped over.
  • Larger maps.
  • "Single-solution" puzzles

Feedback  and suggestions appreciated! Let me know if you find any bugs. Thanks.

-- Vincent

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Fun and well made, I like it!

Thanks! It has been quite the learning process for me. Glad you had fun.

Fun game!

Thanks, glad you had fun!

Interesting game! I had a lot of fun with this.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game. :)


Nice design - challenging puzzles!

Thanks, glad you found the puzzles challenging!


Had fun playing this game :D

What was used to make the art and the game itself?

Thanks for trying the game!

For the pixel art, I used GIMP (a free alternative to Photoshop). The game is coded in GML (Game Maker Langauge), and put together in the Game Maker Studio 2 IDE.